About Us

La Pimenterie is an established growing company based in Montreal and dedicated to the creation and distribution of original gourmet hot sauces. We commercialize 10 distinct spicy products that have the quality of being first and foremost delicious and complex! With fair partnerships established with local suppliers, we purchase locally produced organic ingredients as much as possible. Located in the microbrewing coop MaBrasserie, we brew each sauce in small batches with care and attention to ensure the quality of each and every one.

About La Pimenterie

Founded in 2016 by filmmaker Julien Fréchette and supported by his better-half, photograph Frédérique Ménard-Aubin, La Pimenterie was conceptualized to be antithesis of the preconceived idea of a hot sauce. It was during a treacherous movie shooting in Iraq, while unable to sleep at night, that he first imagined the hot sauces now produced at La Pimenterie. They then gradually took form in his kitchen after a great number of spicy experimentations! Collaborating with graphic artist Jonathan Lefrancois of design agency Pulp&Pixel, La Pimenterie forged a strong visual identity, with clean and classy labels where each sauce has a title as if it were a movie. Actually, each sauce is a culinary universe of its own where the spiciness is only the common denominator to the product line. We lean on a wide spectrum of flavors to allow each individual client to discover their favorite food pairings.