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Discover chili peppers

Hot pepper is an absolutely unique fruit with which humans have a very special relationship. Both a fruit and a spice,source of plaisir and pain, chili pepper originally came from South America and was spread around the world after Europeans “discovered” it in 1492. Its use, however, goes back much longer: the oldest archaeological evidences of its consumption date back more than 10,000 years old!

The active ingredient that causes the burning sensation is capsaicin. It is found in different quantities depending on the variety of pepper. Its consumption causes the secretion of endorphin, the pleasure hormone, in our brain. This is why we can feel a certain appeasement if it is consumed in large quantities!

Today, hot peppers has integrated into the culinary culture of all the places where it was introduced and it is the most consumed spice around the world. La Pimenterie is proud to share and propagate its passion for this burning little fruit which. Treat yourself with a journey by tasting our different products which are inspired by our encounters and our discoveries around the world. Keep it spicy
and celebrate the power of hot peppers!