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Our History

Portrait Julien dans une serre de piment

La Pimenterie is a Quebec-based company dedicated to creating, promoting, and marketing high-quality, original, and unique spicy products. Our wide variety of products share two things in common: they are all spicy, and they are all very tasty! Our mission is to spread the passion for hot peppers. We deal directly with many suppliers to obtain fresh, local products. The team at La Pimenterie produces sauces in the heart of the Rosemont district in a traditional manner, and we are constantly creating new products and flavors!


La Pimenterie was founded in 2016 by filmmaker Julien Fréchette and his girlfriend, photographer Frédérique Ménard-Aubin. The idea for the company came to him while filming in a war zone. It was there, near the front line with bullets whizzing past him, that he began to imagine assemblages of hot sauces to reassure himself a little. You can see his film here: and hear him talk about his experience here:

Back in Montreal, he decided to take action. He bought a collection of hot peppers and spices and locked himself in his kitchen with the desire to create hot sauces that are different from any others on the market. He approached the creation of a hot sauce as if it were a work with an aromatic universe of its own. After a few months, he emerged with a range of 7 spicy sauces for his entourage to taste-test. The Pimenterie was born.

The name Pimenterie is a portmanteau of the two words in French “Piment”/”Pepper” and
Brasserie /”Brewery”. So the name refers to a place where hot peppers are brewed!

Today, even though La Pimenterie is present on the shelves of more than 350 retailers and merchants across Quebec, we continue to concoct each sauce with the same passion and meticulousness. Each sauce is a blend of original flavours, and the spiciness finds its balance. Respect for the ingredients and their quality is central to our creative process. We rely on a wide range of flavors to achieve surprising and delicious culinary agreements.

Always passionate about documentaries, our chief chili pepper has traveled the world in the footsteps of chili peppers for the production of his next film on the surprising story of the small burning fruit: Chiliheads. On your screens soon!