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Our History

La Pimenterie is a Quebec company dedicated to creating, promoting and marketing quality, original and unique spicy products. We offer a wide range of products which obviously have in common that they are spicy, but above all tasty! We use some organic ingredients and do business with many local suppliers. We produce our sauces in an artisanal way in the heart of the Rosemont district and remain in constant creation!


La Pimenterie was founded in 2016 by filmmaker Julien Fréchette with the support of his girlfriend, the photographer, Frédérique Ménard-Aubin. The idea for the business came to him while filming in a war zone as bullets were whizzing around his head. It was there, near the front line, that he began to imagine combinations of hot sauces to reassure himself a little. You can see his film here: and hear him talk about his experience here:

Back in Montreal, he decided to take action. He goes to buy hot peppers and spends days in his kitchen with the desire to create hot sauces that are different from those already on the market. He approaches the creation of a hot sauce as if it were a piece of art with a universe of its own. The name Pimenterie came to him as he thought of the moment when someone refrained from revealing the level of spiciness in a dish. This little white lie led him to name his business La Pimenterie, a fusion of the word “Piment” (‘hot peppers’) and the Quebec expression “Menterie” (lie).

If today, La Pimenterie is available on the shelves of more than 350 retailers and merchants across Quebec, it’s because we continue to cook each sauce with the passion and meticulousness that inhabit its creator. Each of our hot sauces constitutes an assembly of original and balanced flavors, where the spiciness finds its balance. We rely on a range of flavors to create surprising and delicious culinary pairings.

Always passionate about documentaries, the chief chili pepper has traveled the world in the footsteps of chili peppers for the production of his next film on the surprising story of the small burning fruit: Chiliheads. On your screens soon!