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Korean noodles spiced Chêne Réaction

Préparation :25 min
Cuisson :20 min
Portions :4

For the noodles :

   ❧ 1 lb (450 g) Korean noodles (also called sweet potato noodles)
   ❧ 4 tbsp (60 mL) canola or grape seed oil
   ❧ One case of shiitake mushrooms
   ❧ One case of Enoki mushrooms
2 carrots, thinly sliced
4 cloves of garlic, minced
2 cups (500 mL) minced spinach, coarsely chopped
1 lb (450 g) beef, in small pieces
green shallots, chopped

For the sauce :

   ❧ ½ cup (125 mL) soy sauce
   ❧ 3 tbsp (45 mL) brown sugar
   ❧ 1/3 cup (80 mL) roasted sesame oil
4 tbsp (60 mL) Chêne Réaction hot sauce
tbsp (30 mL) sesame seeds

For the sauce :
Mix all ingredients together and set aside.

For the noodles :
Boil a large pot of water and cook vermicelli according to package directions. Drain and return to pot. Using scissors, cut the vermicelli coarsely.
Add 1/4 cup of the reserved sauce, and toss to coat the noodles. Set aside.
In a wok or large nonstick skillet, heat 2 tablespoons oil over high heat. Add mushrooms, carrots and garlic and cook to brown. Add cooked vegetables and spinach to the pot and mix into the noodles.
Heat the remaining 2 tsp of oil in the wok or skillet. Cook the beef over high heat to brown the meat cubes, keeping the middle slightly pink. Add the shallots to the meat and mix. Transfer to the pot, add the remaining sauce. Mix everything together and tadaaa!

Enjoy immediately !

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