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Maple syrup infused with peppers

A perfect blend of chili peppers and Quebec maple syrup!

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Our sauces

  • Grande Réserve $24.95

    A sauce fermented and aged in Bourbon barrels for 18 months.
    Fermentation and then long aging have given this sauce a rich, complex and sophisticated aroma.
    With woody, vegetal, and even smoky notes, this sauce will appeal to discerning palates and collectors.
    Extremely limited special edition.

  • Chêne Réaction $10.99

    A simple hot sauce, yet tasty and complex, composed of fermented peppers, to which we add a touch of oak! A lively heat that quickly gives way to vanilla and wooden notes. A everyday sauce that will please everyone!

  • Vertigo $10.99

    Inspired from Mexico, this green sauce has a jalapeño and spice base with fresh notes of cilantro, sweet bell pepper and lime. Ideal on tacos, nachos, fish and pizza or to give your guacamole an extra kick.

  • Special Hop. $10.99

    A fruity sauce with a fresh citrus and mango zing, infused with aromatic hops. Truly refreshing, this hot sauce finishes with a slightly hoppy, vegetal taste. Perfect on fish or grilled meats, it also spices up a salad or a summer cocktail!

  • Cold Turkey $10.99

    This sauce is made with Quebec cranberries, red jalapeños and spices from the boreal forest. Tart yet sweet, this sauce is for fans of this local berry. Ideal with poultry, wild game, cheeses or to dress up a sandwich.

  • Colonel $10.99

    Mustard seed, Scotch Bonnet peppers, pale ale and honey. You’d better watch your back with this double-edged sauce! Both fresh and strong with a nice long sting in the mouth, it is the ideal substitute to mustard on sausage and grilled meats or to spice up salad dressings, deli sandwiches or hamburgers.

  • Newton $10.99

    A savant mix of fresh apples, Mexican chipotle and maple syrup. This sauce is slightly tart but also sweet and smoky. As ideal on grilled meats, braised pork, fajitas and chili as on couscous and au gratin dishes. Just let your imagination run with Newton!

  • Formica Fortis $14.99 Unavailable

    A fruity sauce with a lively aroma of citrus fruits, mangoes and ants! Have you never tasted ants before? It is the occasion to discover its delicate roasted and acidulated taste. A sauce that will please the most sceptical. Awaken the anteater in you!

  • Fumisterie $10.99

    A flavourful dark sauce. A blend of chocolate habaneros, spices, dark beer and a hint of coffee, this roasty and smoky sauce is a must for fans of spicy barbecue sauces.

  • Royal Bourbon $10.99

    An original composition of spices, habaneros, chocolate and a splash of Bourbon! The Middle East meets the Americas in this sauce, perfect with Middle Eastern food, poultry, stews and grilled meat, and to spike your poutine or Bloody Caesar!

  • Bollywood $10.99

    Inspired from the subcontinent, this sauce has a rich, powerful taste softened by a hint of maple syrup. Delicious with Asian dishes, soups, grilled chicken, stir-fries and rice or even just to spice up a little mayo or sauce. As intense as travel through India!

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