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7 Pot Primo

The 7 Pot primo owes its name to its creator, the Louisiana of Acadian descent Troy Primeaux. It is the fruit of a manual hybridization between a Ghost Pepper and a pepper 7 pot of Trinidad and Tobago. It was stabilized and selected naturally over several generations in order to maximize the appearance of one of its characteristic features: the presence of a pointed sting at its end. The 7 Pot Primo and its creator have been at the heart of some controversy due to the great resemblance of the pepper with the Carolina Reaper. Nevertheless, the 7 Pot Primo has nothing to envy to the Reaper! It is a fruity and floral pepper which is extremely powerful. To use with great care.

  • 7 Pot Primo (Capsicum Chinense)
  • 7 grams
  • Origin: Québec
  • Scoville unit: 1,500,000 SHU

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