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Barbacoa comes from Arawak language spoken by the Taìno, a people of the Caribbean. It originally refers to a a slow cooking method of meat under a fire. The word made its way to Mexico then to the United States via Texas, where it transformed into “Barbecue”. Barbacoa is a Tex-Mex style BBQ sauce, sweet, tangy and slightly spicy by a mixture aromatic of Mexican dried peppers. A general public sauce for grills of all kinds!

Ingredients : Tomato paste • Water • Cider vinegar • Sugars (sugar, molasses) • Soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt, lactic acid, sodium benzoate) • Canola oil • Salt • Dehydrated hot peppers (chipotle, ancho, mulato, guajillo, árbol) • Spices • Mustard powder • Granulated garlic • Onion powder • Xanthan gum.

Mustard • Soy • Wheat.

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