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  • BARBACOA $9.50

    Barbacoa comes from Arawak language spoken by the Taìno, a people of the Caribbean. It originally refers to a a slow cooking method
    of meat under a fire. The word made its way to Mexico then to the United States via Texas, where it transformed into “Barbecue”.
    Barbacoa is a Tex-Mex style BBQ sauce, sweet, tangy and slightly spicy by a mixture aromatic of Mexican dried peppers. A general public sauce for grills of all kinds!

  • #ROCKETMAN $9.50

    A Korean style barbecue sauce with aromas of ginger, sesame and garlic. As a marinade or as a condiment, its sweet and spicy taste will go perfectly with your stir-fries, grilled meats, rice, sandwiches and your pulled pork. Once tasted, difficult to stop.

  • JERK $9.50

    Originally from the Caribbean, the Jerk is intended to be a true blend of influences and flavors that reflect all the peoples who set foot in the region: Indigenous, French, English, Dutch, African, Spanish, Portuguese and Indian. The result is a powerful, herbal and aromatic BBQ sauce, where Scotch Bonnet peppers plays a dominant role! A sauce for spice lovers. Ideal with chicken, grilled vegetables, fish or shrimp.