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Online Shopping Policy

            Thank you for purchasing from La Pimenterie online store. Please note that any purchase made through our website is governed by the following terms of use.

            These terms apply only to transactions made through our website and differ from those of our retailing partners. For any product purchased in stores, please directly contact the retailer where the transaction took place.

Acceptance of the Terms of Use

            By making a purchase from our online store, you acknowledge having read and understood the present terms of use and agree to abide by them in their entirety. Likewise, you recognize the possibility that some modifications take place and you undertake to respect them.

Specific Procedures for Online Shopping

            Orders placed through our online store are processed and shipped by our team from our facilities in Montreal. Any order transmission made through our online store will be considered as a confirmation for the purchase of the selected products. Once transmitted, the following terms will apply:

  • After completing your purchase, you will receive an email confirming your order and giving you its tracking number[1]. This number will allow you to follow the progress of your order from our warehouse to your home.
  • Following the transaction, your order will be processed by our team and delivered to one of our carriers within 1 to 3 working days, depending on our service traffic.
  • La Pimenterie agrees to cover all the transportation cost for any transaction totalling an amount of $ 60.00 or more. Please note that below such an amount, a shipping fee of $ 14.00 will be added to the total amount of the invoice.
  • If one of the products ordered is out of stock, a member of our customer service team will contact you as soon as possible to inform you and to make an arrangement.
  • To avoid possible problems, La Pimenterie requests that all orders from our customers be hand-delivered by our carriers. If you are absent at the time of delivery, a note and/or a key will be left at your address so that you will be able to collect it.
  • For any additional questions relating to your order or our procedures, we invite you to reach our customer service team through our Facebook page or at the following address: [email protected]. They will be happy to help you during our opening hours, Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

[1] Please note that this email frequently ends up in your spam emails. Be sure to take a look in this mailbox before joining our customer service team.

Shipping Policy

La Pimenterie is committed to offer its delivery service anywhere in Canada. Any order sent to one of its provinces or territories will therefore be processed according to these terms. However, orders placed to another country will be automatically rejected and followed by a refund. International orders will be processed on a case-by-case basis by members of our team. To place an international order, we invite you to write at [email protected] to discuss with us the different possibilities.

            La Pimenterie reserves the right to choose the appropriate carrier to deliver the order. Usual delivery times is one to two weeks following receipt of the order by the carrier. Additional delays may, however, occur depending on service traffic and your geographic location.

            As we use third parties, La Pimenterie do not commit to meeting a specific shipping deadline. However, our team remains available during the day to follow up with you on shipments and their receipts.

            In order to avoid any shipping issues and additional delays, be sure to clearly indicate the delivery address, apartment number and postal code when placing your order. La Pimenterie does not undertake to assume any additional delivery costs linked to incorrect shipping information. Any order that cannot be delivered due to incorrect information will be charged with additional fees.

Order Modification and Cancellation Policy          

In the event that you wish to modify or cancel an order placed through our online store, you must contact our customer service team as soon as possible. You can reach them by our Facebook page or through the email address [email protected] with subject MODIF ORDER #### or CANCEL ORDER ####.

            Please tell us the reason for your message, your order number and the phone number or email address where you can be reached during our opening hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). A member of our team will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your message to accommodate you. Please note that orders that have already been shipped cannot be modified or cancelled.

Return, Exchange and Refund Policy

            La Pimenterie will not provide any reimbursement for orders in which the requested products have arrived at their destination in due form. Only products intended as unfit for consumption will be reimbursed without a return request.

Damage Rendering Products Unfit for Consumption

            As part of its shipments, La Pimenterie undertakes to implement the necessary packaging solutions to protect the condition of its products. In the event of breakage upon receipt, La Pimenterie undertakes to reimburse directly any product having suffered damage rendering it unfit for consumption[1]. To benefit from such a refund, we ask you to respect the following elements:

  • Take a picture of the broken product in its box as well as on the outside (unless it is a major and obvious breakage).
  • Note the day of delivery and the service used.
  • Send this information and your order number to [email protected] with BROKEN ORDER #### as subjects.

           Following the receipt of your email, a customer service agent will contact you to confirm the refund to your credit card. The timeframe for processing your request may take from 1 to 3 working days if all the above elements are respected.

Unwanted Products or Cosmetic Damage

           If you wish a refund for an unwanted product or one that has suffered cosmetic damage, you must ensure the return of the product in question to our workshop within 30 days of receipt. To do this, we ask you to follow the following procedure:

  • Wrap the product with bubble wrap or kraft paper to protect it from possible shocks.
  • Use the original box or any box deemed sufficiently safe and immobilizing the products.
  • Write your order number on the box next to the packing slip.
  • Return the item by the delivery service of your choice for which you have prepaid the delivery costs to the following address : La Pimenterie, 2251 rue Dandurand, Montréal, QC, H2G 1Z3.
  • Contact us at [email protected] to inform us of your approach with the email subject RETURN ORDER ####.

           Following receipt of your email, a customer service agent will respond to confirm you that the process has been taken in charge. The refund will be made to your credit card upon receipt of the products at our warehouse. An agent will then take care of contacting you again to confirm the transaction.

¹Les dégâts entrant dans cette catégorie sont entre autres les bris de bouteilles, de couvercles ou encore de sceau. Les dégâts de nature cosmétiques sont exclus et demeurent donc non-remboursable.

Order Error

            In the event of an error on the order, that is to say if the products received do not correspond to those associated with your order number, La Pimenterie undertakes to make an arrangement with you so that you can receive the desired products or a refund.

            In the event that a new shipment is the desired solution, we invite you to send us your order number as well as photos of the contents of your order, in its box and outside of it, to [email protected] with the subject ORDER ERROR ####. Once the pictures have been received, La Pimenterie will return your order as requested with no additional cost.

Privacy Policy

            In the pursuit of its activities, La Pimenterie is committed in respecting and protecting the confidentiality of the personal information communicated to it under the Personal Information Protection Act (R.S.C. (1985), c. P-21). Only members of the La Pimenterie team who required your personal information in the performance of their duties will be able to access it. This information will be used only to ensure the delivery of orders placed on our online store and to maintain internal statistics concerning the quality of our products and services.